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    Welcome to the I-Spy Equipment & Investigations 
Here you can find effective and advanced solutions for any problem, whether it is business, financial, or personal related.
We have a vast accumulated experience of many years in the industry. During the years we have worked with a variety of organizations and private individuals, both domestically and abroad. We are dedicated to provide all of our clients with personal attention, in the fastest and most reliable manner.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations separates itself by focusing on the smallest details in every investigation, and by our true desire for revealing the truth.

Some things to consider!!!
Every day dozens of events take place around you, among which are events that you are completely unaware of.
Someone is undermining and hurting you or your loved ones, but you cannot put your finger on it – all you have is just a feeling.
Not every event warrants for hiring a private investigator; private investigation is an expensive service, and in some cases you might be able to solve the problem without involving a professional. However, before making your final decision, please contact us for 100% free consultation.
Remember that you must be focused on your goal and its consequences.
In some cases you might do more harm than good as a result of a wrong or hasty action.

Are you sure that your team members keep sensitive business information confidential?
Is it possible that classified information from you business “accidently” found its way to the hands of your competitors?
Did your sales volume decrease in the last quarter?
Does an employee “steal” from you?
Have you been betrayed by a business associate?
Have you been falsely sued?
Are you a plaintiff in need for incriminating evidence?
Is your wife out again on a “girls night out”, or your husband staying late for a “business meeting” yet again?

Business Information

In order to manage an efficient collaboration with bodies such as companies, small businesses, and private individuals which can sometimes greatly hurt the company’s solvency and cash flow, and even jeopardize its very existence, it is recommended to check the financial status, reliability, and ethics of customers, business associates, or any other party with whom you wish to establish a business relationship at the negotiation stage, before the actual collaboration starts. This will also help to prevent industrial espionage on a private or even international level, and reveal previous business collaborations for the purpose of avoiding conflict of interests.

I-Spy Equipment & Investigations can provide you with extremely important information such as:
Financial data
Details of ownership
Business activity
Lawsuits history
Case history in the execution-office
Limited accounts
Business disputes
And more…
Complex investigations yield information about your potential competitors: details of employee’s wage, new products, payment terms, marketing strategies, and clients’ details.

I-Spy Equipment & Investigations can additionally provide you with the following information and services:

  • Feedbacks and recommendations about the client’s payments morality, directly from other suppliers with whom he works.
  • History and payments morality of long-time clients (for example, checking if the client has outstanding debts, bounced checks, lawsuits history, etc.).
  • Making sure that the client’s bank accounts are not blocked (can be done in the Bank of Israel website).
  • Tracking the client’s bounced checks (to parties outside of the firm), using tracking reports which can be ordered from companies that provide business information services.
  • Ordering the full, or summary, registrar of companies’ report of the client.
  • Any liens or mortgages that the client may have.
  • Thorough background check of the client (openly and / or discrete).
  • Identifying hacks in the computer network.
  • And more…
The information provided by I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will give you business advantages, and promote you to being one of the leaders in your field

Information Security

Information security means protecting computer systems from risks and vulnerabilities to which they are exposed to. In most business environments it usually addresses three major aspects:
Data confidentiality
Data availability
Data integrity
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will periodically carry out general Information security tests (employees’ loyalty, internal information security, etc.).
As part of the service, I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will give you private consultation on the subject; in addition, each month you will be provided with a detailed report about the tests that were carried out, their results, and recommendations how to deal and plug a “leak” (change of work procedures, informing and educating the personnel, etc.).
When necessary, we will carry out advanced system tests, and protect your organization’s computer system from being infiltrated by unauthorized outside entities.

Internal Investigation in an Organization

Every organization exists for the purpose of realizing a business, and sometimes social, goal. However, there are instances in which the organization’s employees may see fit to promote various personal interests, thus hurting the moral and success of the organization.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will:
  • Carry out personnel credibility tests, and verify versions using various methods such as: polygraph, graphology, mental stress meter and face to face interrogations.
The tests are done by professional and certified team. If necessary, the test report is acceptable for use in any legal proceeding.
  • Create a personal profile prior to hiring an employee.
  • Investigate thefts and / or damages that might have been caused by your employees (using undercover agent).
  • Prevent thefts and identify inadequate activity in your business, using state of the art equipment.
By doing so, you will prevent both Immediate and future financial damages to your business.

Financial Investigations

Company law distinct the limited company entity from its shareholders, who on the one hand claim to be unable to pay their debts, and sometimes even declare bankruptcy, while on the other hand drive a brand new Mercedes-Benz, or spend large amounts of money.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations serves a key role in those cases. The private investigator will protect the interests of the creditors in order to prevent the investigated person(s) from hiding his / hers assets, or using the creditors’ money to finance his / hers defense in the legal proceeding.
Business related investigations help the client during the evidence presentation stage at court, during the decision making process prior to any new business collaboration, and minimize the uncertainty and risks involved in such collaboration.
In general, there are various investigation depth levels. How deep the investigation will run depends on what, and the level of details, the client is looking to get.
Financial investigations are intended to anyone who wants to:
  • Trace the income sources of a debt holder, both domestically and abroad.
  • Trace money that was taken wrongfully, or valuable possessions that had disappeared.
  • Identify financial assets, property and real-estate.
  • Identify fixed and liquid assets.
  • Check the financial status of the investigation’s subject.
  • Trace money that is to be paid to investigation’s subject by a third party.
  • Trace key witnesses.
Financial investigations include: credit checks, business activity, financial rights, and more.

Personal Status

A safe and stable foundation is an important part of your personal prosperity. “A man’s house is his castle”; is your base safe and sound???
Marriage is the institutionalization of relationships between two persons, which are usually based on love and the desire to live together. Love is characterized by constant craving, the desire to be with your loved one, and wanting nothing but the best for him / her. When love is no longer present, it can lead to very painful and unpleasant events. Then starts the disappointments, infidelity, disputes about financial issues and partition of property, child custody, and legal proceedings, during which both parties are required to present evidence to the court.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will provide you with important information that will help you build the case in general, as well as serve as evidence that you might be required to present to the court as part of the personal status proceedings.
Personal status also includes:
  • Paternity;
  • Child adoption;
  • Financial agreement;
  • Partition of property;
  • Common-law marriage;
  • Alimony;
  • Civil marriage;
  • Child custody;
  • Parental competency;
  • Wills and Inheritances;
  • Violence in the family;
  • Sex crimes;
  • Child immigration and abduction;
  • Legal guardian.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will:
  • Create an evidence file for the rabbinical and / or family court.
  • Run a background check on a spouse prior to a romantic relationships / wedding.
  • Put your spouse under 24 hours a day, 7 days a week surveillance.
  • If needed, I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will follow your child to find out if he / she is involved in any forbidden activities (drug and alcohol abuse, association with the wrong kind of crowd, etc.).

Detection and Surveillance

In many cases there is a need for detection and surveillance work in order to get information and / or evidence that cannot be obtained in any other way. In many cases those evidence will give you an advantage over the rival side, and advance you towards your goal.
“A picture is worth a thousand words”, I-Spy Equipment & Investigations is capable of an extremely high level of field work, using professional and creative surveillance teams.
The use of advanced technical devices allows us to record and take pictures during the day and night, both openly and discrete, and even to focus on the little details that are sometimes hidden from the naked eye.
We will carry out surveillance, observations, and special projects that are specifically tailored to your work and needs, in order to provide you with the optimal solution.
This activity is performed with the use of private vehicles, off-road vehicles, and motorcycles equipped with special and state of the art recording devices, and when necessary, even aircrafts.
We have the ability of satellite surveillance and tracking, with immediate and accurate results.

Tracing and Special Investigations

Tracing of problematic debt holders;
Tracing the source(s) of harassing phone calls using diverse means;
Exposing abusive care-givers;
Tracing and revealing adoption information;
Investigations in the religious / religious orthodox sector;
Investigations in the agricultural sector;
IT, data protection, and internet investigations;
Assistance in tracing and locating lost animals.

Intellectual Property

Brand forgery in Israel is an ever growing phenomenon. It threatens the law abiding business sector.
As a business owner who promotes a personal idea and / or developing an intellectual property product which is protected by copyrights, you are exposed to the forgery industry which operates underground, and outside of the law.
Sometimes entities such as competitors, criminals and colleagues also operates under the cover of an innocent legitimate activity, while exploiting your innocence and unawareness. Therefore, you must take some actions to protect your business, products and reputation.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations continuously fight forgeries, and the forgery industry.
As part of our work we protect copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

Wiretapping Detection and Technical Equipment

According to the Lawful interception act - “interception” - is the act of interception, reception, and copying of conversations using a device.
“Wiretapping” – is the act of interception without the consent of any of the parties involved in the conversation.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations carries out wiretapping checks on a daily basis, using the most advanced equipment which enables us to expose and detect the different types of bugging and recording equipment hidden in the phone lines, and / or in the room.
In addition, we can hinder and interfere with the wiretapping and bugging attempts.
Our experienced technician team will survey your business and provide you with solutions for installing visible and / or hidden cameras.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations consults, rent, and sell hidden technical equipment (CCTV – Closed-Circuit Television).

International Activity

I-Spy Equipment & Investigations has formed connections with personnel in key positions worldwide, who help us to obtain information in all investigation categories.

Courses and Training

I-Spy Equipment & Investigations holds special courses and training for business owners, companies, and private individuals.
In the course, you will learn how to use special techniques to identify if you are under surveillance, and how to evade surveillance.
In addition you can also order the I-Spy Equipment & Investigations “SHADOW” service.
This is a unique service in which we follow you for a certain time period, and check if you are under surveillance of any kind.
I-Spy Equipment & Investigations will trace the source(s) of such surveillance, instruct you how to act, and provide you with full protection.